Stephan Romer

There is something about Stephan Romer’s photography. It is this unique and indefinable quality that draws collectors and enthusiasts from around the globe to his work. It is only when standing in front of one of his large-scale pieces that the full impact of the art is felt.

About the artist

In a career spanning 30 years, Stephan Romer has established himself as a multi-award-winning landscape photographer and one of the world’s leading commercial photographers. He releases an exclusive number of limited-edition New Zealand nature collections each year.

Technical precision is a recurring theme throughout Stephan’s work and life. Born and educated in Germany, his early years were in industrial design followed by a photography internship with Germany’s most renowned commercial photographers, Brigitte Richter and Thomas Caspari. In the 1990s, Stephan found his niche in transport and landscape photography, working with some of the most distinguished names in the car industry.

Prestigious vehicles require prestigious backdrops, and it was on these expeditions, Stephan discovered the landscapes of New Zealand and soon made this captivating place his permanent home.

Stephan’s New Zealand landscape photography has garnered many award wins, including winning the Golden Camera for NZ Photographer of the Year (2019, 2020) and NZ Landscape Photographer of the Year (2019 and 2021) at the prestigious One Eyeland Awards. His work is sought out by collectors from around the globe, and his commissioned work has livened up many blank spaces in luxury homes and commercial buildings.

New Zealand

Stephan Romer’s work is profoundly influenced by respect for nature in its most pristine form. He travels throughout the South Island to explore untrodden paths, hidden places and endure the wildest of weather. His art examines the unscripted moments, where technical ability and incredible patience give him an opportunity to seize the moment when it arrives. When clouds roll over the valley, when the helicopter circles back one last time in the fading light. Through his dramatic and visually perfect landscape photography, Stephan Romer gives you an opportunity to experience these wondrous places.

Cameras through the years

Kodak Retinette
My very first camera system. It was this present received on my 10th birthday that opened my life to the wonderful world of photography.
Nikon F Apollo
Manufactured in the same era that Nikon became a supplier to NASA’s Apollo space missions. A leading-edge piece of equipment at the time and with an impressive name to prove it.
Nikon F2
For most photographers, the F2 is a legendary model. It is the camera that established Nikon as the manufacturer of choice for professional photographers.
Polaroid SX70
A beautifully designed, classic 1970s polaroid camera. Foldable and able to sit in your pocket like a wallet, this is a much-loved addition to the collection.
Hasselblad 500
An iconic and beautiful piece of equipment. It is so iconic, in fact, there are a few of these cameras on the moon. One of my all-time favourites.
Sinar P 8x10 inch
Now we’re getting serious. The 8x10 format created by this film camera delivers incredible quality. Even a Polaroid in this size looks stunning.
Mamiya RZ67
The last film camera I bought. Mamiya’s clever design allows you to rotate the magazine for horizontal or vertical compositions.
Phase One XF
Phase One is renowned for continually breaking new ground. The PhaseOne XF is probably the most professional camera system available. The sensor, the IQ4 offers an incredible resolution of 150 Megapixels.
Cambo Wide RS
In my opinion, the perfect landscape camera system. Working with the IQ4, as well as the range of wide-angle lenses delivers an impressive result.

Awards & Accolades

Large-format photography and printing

When it comes time to finally bring your Stephan Romer piece home, you want to know it is printed and mounted to the highest of standards. Find out how we print the pieces as well as options for mounting, finishing and freighting.

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