Payment & Delivery


Full payment is required at the time your piece is ordered.
We accept all major credit cards, PAYPAL or IMT.
All orders are not final until confirmed by Romer Gallery. Romer Galley reserves the right to cancel any order at any time in which case there would be a full refund of any payment made as full compensation.


It is not possible to change your order once it has been placed other than the delivery address if the artwork has not already been shipped.

Delivery time depends on sizing and location of shipping address.
We ask to allow approximately 3-6 weeks from when your order is placed.
The artwork is fully insured thru the shipping process until signed on delivery.
While we endeavor to have the prints shipped as quickly as possible, Romer Gallery is not responsible for any delays in delivery.

If your artwork arrives damaged please contact us via email immediately.
We will require photographic evidence with the delivery docket to assertain whether the damage happened during shipping.
If this is the case then the replacement piece will be ordered immediately and all costs associated to provide a replacement piece will be the responsibility of Romer Gallery.


Please note, the colours seen on a device or online may not look the exactly the same as the colours appear on the finished artwork.


Romer Gallery’s works cannot be used for commercial use, modify/reproduce or display publicly in any way without prior approval in writing.

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