Arthurs Pass

A curious landscape captured in the afternoon light. On Castle Hill in Arthur's Pass, a large field of limestone boulders creates a playground for rock climbers, geologists, and explorers

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Arthurs Pass

Arthur's Pass is one of the most famous mountain pass roads in New Zealand. It is an impressive journey across the Southern Alps that links the remote west coast to Christchurch on the east coast. On Arthur's Pass, you can enjoy a stop at Arthur's Pass Village (one of NZ's highest settlements) or take a short walk to the Devil's Punchbowl Falls. However, it's the breathtaking limestone rocks of Kura Tāwhiti/Castle Hill that draws visitors as well as climbers and boulderers.

Kura Tāwhiti/Castle Hill is a karst limestone landscape formed by sediment compression followed by erosion and uplift. The area holds significant importance to local iwi, Ngai Tahu and visitors are asked to respect the importance of this location.




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