Fiordland 03

The Earl Mountains beneath a moody Fiordland sky. In this dynamic environment, the weather is ever-changing and requires all who venture into the mountains to keep their wits about them.

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Fiordland 03

In the southwest corner of New Zealand’s South Island lies Fiordland National Park. a UNESCO World Heritage area of significant ecological diversity. It is also a playground for mountaineers, hunters, explorers and, of course, photographers.

Fiordland National Park covers one million hectares of breathtaking terrain from steep mountain peaks, glaciers and alpine lakes to river valleys and moss-covered rocks. Its extreme alpine and glacial environment make it a challenging place to explore on foot. Thankfully, there are more than 500 kilometres of walking tracks through the national park as well as many backcountry huts.

The Earl Mountains sit east of the great divide and, as a result, receive less rainfall than the mountains closer to the coast. This environment has created its distinct fractured and steep ridgeline making it a mountain for the more experienced mountaineers.



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