Lake Wakatipu 02

A rare moment of serene and calm on Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand's third-largest lake. From Meiklejohn's Bay, Stephan savours a moment of stillness with a long exposure to capture the evening sunset before the last of the day's colours fades behind the mountains.

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Lake Wakatipu 02

Meiklejohn's Bay is located on the north-eastern shores of Lake Wakatipu, along the Glenorchy Road. The journey from Queenstown to Glenorchy is a spectacular drive and world-renowned. Along the way, there are many opportunities to stop and explore the lakeshore, the native beech forest and the spectacular scenery beyond.

Lake Wakatipu is the second largest lake in the South Island at 239 square kilometres (122 square miles). Five major rivers feed the lake, but only one, the Kawarau, flows from it. At its deepest point, Lake Wakatipu is 400 metres (1,310 feet) deep. Because of its great depths, the water temperature sits around 12‎°C (52‎°F) all year round, only rising to around 13‎°C during summer.



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