Lindis Pass 02

While many artists capture the Lindis' rolling hills and endless layers of mountains, Stephan turns his lens to the closer details. Tussock grass personifies the Lindis Pass, and here it feels as if you are about to take a step through the tussock yourself.

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Lindis Pass 02

Possibly one of the most underrated destinations in the South Island, the Lindis Pass landscape has quietly been inspiring artists and photographers for decades. The Lindis Pass connects Central Otago with Mackenzie Country and is a delight for travellers driving this mountain pass road.

Layers of mountains stack upon each other and reveal an ever-changing contrast of colours from sunrise to sunset. The Lindis Pass Lookout is a good place to stop and take in the expansive views ranging from low-lying tussock grasslands all the way to the Southern Alps.



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