Marian Creek Falls

Along the picturesque Lake Marian Track in Fiordland, Stephan veers off-track to capture a panorama of Marian Creek Falls. As the crystal-clear water tumbles its way from Lake Marian to the Hollyford River, Stephan uses a six-stage setup and long exposure to steal a frozen moment of the fast-flowing water.

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Marian Creek Falls

The Lake Marian Track is one of many hikes to be found along the road to Milford Sound. There are also a number of easy, short walks, such as Mirror Lakes or The Chasm. The three-kilometre Lake Marian Track is one of the most popular longer walks along the Milford road following Marian Creek to Lake Marian. The walk takes you to the stunning alpine lake located in a hanging valley.

A 20-minute walk along Marian Creek is an easier and shorter option but still provides views of smaller waterfalls and the hanging valley in the distance. Lake Marian Track is found in Fiordland National Park in the southwest of the South Island.



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