Wilson Creek Chasm

Deep in the Westland World Heritage Area and not far from the Gates of Haast, a hidden world of waterfalls and chasms is unveiled

Lake Lochie

A serene and reflective moment on Lake Lochie where the line between forest and water is unknown. Lake Lochie is found deep within Fiordland National Park

Cleddau River 02

Those taking the spectacular journey to Piopiotahi/Milford Sound will drive alongside the Cleddau River for some of the way. Yet here, Stephan ventures deeper into the Fiordland forest

Queenstown 02

From atop the sharp, jagged and snowy ridgeline of The Remarkables, a gentler sight is revealed below. Lake Wakatipu, the township of Queenstown and the Kawarau River are captured in the soft light of the afternoon sun

Gulliver River 02

All the colours of Fiordland appearing in rich detail. On the Gulliver River in Fiordland, Stephan uses a longer exposure to create an opportunity for us to see what would normally flash past in a moment

Lake Mapourika

On the wild West Coast, the still and silent Lake Mapourika exists as a link to an ancient time of glaciers.

Donne River


Donne River cascades its way through Fiordland National Park before meeting the Cleddau River and flowing into

Dart River

A unique perspective of the iconic Glenorchy peak, Mt Alfred, flanked by the Dart and Rees

Swamp Forest

Native kahikatea trees emerge from a thick, swampy wetland. Swamp Forest is a riveting

Key Summit Track 02

After the sell-out of the original Key Summit piece, the new Key Summit Double Series