Marian Creek

Marian Creek tumbles its way through the dense bush of Fiordland National Park as it travels from Lake Marian to the Hollyford River

Lake Wakatipu

It is the sight of Lake Whakatipu that touches the soul of all those who live and visit here

Tyndall Ridge

The jagged peaks and deep blues of the Tyndall Ridge in Fiordland National Park

Forbes Mountains

The Forbes Mountain range catches the sun as it casts its light across Mt Aspiring National Park

Gertrude Valley

The Gertrude Valley reveals its glacial past. A u-shaped valley and granite walls

Luna Creek

A landscape worthy of Stephan’s large-scale style of photography. How else to capture such an immense setting

Poolburn 04

The tussock and tors of the Poolburn plateau. In the top left, Poolburn Dam appears

Poolburn 02

Sunlight cuts through building clouds above the remote highlands of Poolburn


A peek into the secret world of the beech forest. Left undisturbed, young saplings make their way

Beech Trees

Beech trees dominate the landscape in Fiordland National Park. Some can survive for 300 years. Here, these old silver beech trees nestle

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