Lindis Pass 03

An endless landscape of tussock grass and rolling hills, Lindis Pass is one of New Zealand’s most unique places

On Top of Mt Somnus

One of Stephan’s favourite locations, Mt Somnus in the Humboldt Mountains

Aoraki / Mt-Cook

A sight that stirs the emotions. The serene and immense presence of Aoraki/Mt Cook in the evening light

On Top of Mt Alfred

Capturing the essence of an alpine environment. From atop Mt Alfred, the spectacular sight

Arthurs Pass

A curious landscape captured in the afternoon light. On Castle Hill in Arthur’s Pass, a large field of limestone boulders creates a playground

Skippers Canyon 03

A landscape unlike any other. Skippers Canyon once lured gold miners seeking their fortune

Victoria Glacier

A glimpse at the slow hand of mother nature at work from high above. The Victoria Glacier carves

Wakatipu 02

A place shaped by glaciers. The Wakatipu Basin holds the first rays of day’s light

Remarkables 01

The jagged tops of The Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown. From here, Lake Whakatipu stretches

Mt Aspiring 03

Standing tall above the rest. The iconic summit of Mt Aspiring is the last to catch the evening light

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