Moeraki Boulders

Sunrise on a curious collection of boulders at Koekohe Beach, Otago. The Moeraki Boulders is a famed tourist attraction, but here, Stephan presents the boulders in a moment of early morning quiet. A stunning long exposure brings the breaking light, the ocean and the perfectly shaped boulders together into one beautiful image.


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Moeraki Boulders

The Moeraki Boulders are located halfway between Oamaru and Palmerston in North Otago in New Zealand’s South Island. The area is well-known for its archaeological treasures, including fossils, ancient geological formations and Māori artwork. Estimated to be 50 – 60 million years old, the Moeraki Boulders are scattered along the shoreline but they aren’t going anywhere. Some weigh up to seven tonnes. These mudstone rocks were formed through a process known as concretion. Here layers of mud, silt and calcite build upon each other, in much the same way a pearl is formed layer by layer over a grain of sand.




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