New Zealand Art for Commercial Spaces

New Zealand Art for Commercial Spaces

The perfect piece of art has the power to transform a commercial space or hotel foyer. With the right artwork on the wall, you can create an atmosphere, tell a story, and leave a lasting impression.

Stephan’s work has found its way onto the walls of homes around New Zealand and around the world. However, it’s not only residential spaces where his dramatic, large-scale artwork makes an appearance, it’s also found in many commercial, retail, and accommodation spaces.

Successfully choosing artwork for commercial spaces often comes down to good planning and selection. With much of Stephan’s work in a large-scale format and coming with striking finishing options, it is no surprise his pieces are often chosen to enhance large spaces or dress architectural buildings.

Transforming commercial spaces with New Zealand art

When embarking on a commercial art project, one of the most important questions to ask is what you want the artwork to do. Stephan’s work is often chosen because of its power to tell a story through imagery. Each piece is a unique glimpse into a remarkable landscape and gives guests or clients a moment to connect with the beauty of New Zealand’s natural world.

After you have selected the piece, there are many other important considerations, such as the size, placement and finish.

Artwork for commercial businesses

Stephan’s work is found in a number of commercial spaces around New Zealand, including luxury car showrooms and real estate offices. Here, Stephan’s dramatic and detailed pieces make a big impact.

In Giltrap Group’s impressive Auckland showroom, Stephan’s Aoraki/Mt Cook and Milford Sound sit comfortably amongst some of the world’s best automotive brands. Both of these pieces are large-scale at 290x180cm and absolutely spectacular to view.

The appeal of New Zealand art in lodges and hotels

Romer Gallery is located in Queenstown, and the gallery team has forged great relationships with a number of local lodges and luxury hotels over the years. Stephan’s artwork brings the incredible landscapes of the South Island into interior spaces such as foyers, guest rooms and dining rooms. It has the power to ignite excitement about sights to see and places to explore — and is often a great conversation starter.

Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown is the home of a limited-release Wakatipu Basin, which greets guests as the enter the foyer and giving them a taste of the landscapes they can explore while visiting Queenstown.

At the Sherwood Hotel, an establishment known for its love of good food, art and yoga, they have taken two of Stephan’s pieces. Lindis Pass and Key Summit have found ideal positions at the hotel’s restaurant.

Helping you choose the right piece

Considering a piece for your commercial space? We’re here to help. We have guided many businesses through the process of selecting the perfect limited-edition piece or options for commissioned work.

Stephan’s pieces come with a number of finishing options, and it is often the finishing that adds the extra impact. Depending on where you will hang your piece and how you want to view it will determine the best finishing. We offer four options: Perspex, framed with negative detailing, Gallery frame and Lightbox, which is available as an interior and exterior option.

Stephan Romer is a multi-award-winning New Zealand artist producing limited-edition landscape photography. His work is sought by collectors around the world and his commissioned work has livened up many blank spaces in luxury homes, lodges, and showrooms. If you are interested in artwork for your space,  enquire with Romer Gallery here.

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