Dart River

A unique perspective of the iconic Glenorchy peak, Mt Alfred, flanked by the Dart and Rees rivers. Stephan captures the point where the sprawling, braided rivers disappear into the endless peaks of Mt Aspiring National Park and the Southern Alps beyond.


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Dart River

The Dart River is located in Glenorchy, a small and scenic township at the head of Lake Whakatipu. Glenorchy is a 45-minute drive from Queenstown and is the last town on the map before the road ends, and the majestic Mt Aspiring National Park takes over.

Standing like a giant pyramid, Mt Alfred is positioned perfectly between the snaking, braided Dart and Rees rivers. The spectacular Dart River leads hikers, kayakers, hunters and jet boaters into the wilds of Mt Aspiring National Park.




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