Gertrude Valley

The Gertrude Valley reveals its glacial past. A u-shaped valley and granite walls make this one of Fiordland’s most spectacular places. Here bathed in sunlight, the valley reveals its vibrant and abundant flora and fauna.


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Gertrude Valley

The Gertrude Valley is found in Fiordland National Park and is accessible along the Milford road not far from the Homer Tunnel. A hike to the Gertrude Saddle is recommended for experienced mountaineers as it covers rocky alpine terrain and can be icy or covered in snow.

Views of the Gertrude Valley are possible for anyone who is keen to take on the Gertrude Saddle Walk. Those who do will be rewarded with the striking views of the sheer rock walls of the Gertrude Valley. The walk to the saddle is a challenging one, but you don’t have to walk that far to take in this epic landscape.




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