South Face

Ice and rock and a hundred variations of white and grey. Here, Mt Aspiring shows the sheer rock wall of its south face leading up to the 3,033-metre high summit.


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South Face

Tititea/Mt Aspiring is located 30 kilometres from Wānaka, west of the main divide in Mt Aspiring National Park. Tititea/Mt Aspiring is the tallest mountain in Mt Aspiring National Park, coming in at 3,033 metres (9,950 feet).

When viewed from the Dart Valley, Mt Aspiring appears as a pyramid-shaped peak which has given it the name of the Matterhorn of the south. For mountaineers, a number of routes ranging from the attainable to the nearly impossible provide access to the ridgelines and eventually the summit. For those able to reach the top, there are grand views to be had of the immense mountains and glaciated valleys stretching all the way to the Tasman Sea.




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