Tasman Glacier

An aerial expedition above Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park captures the incredible formation that is the Tasman Glacier. Deep in the Southern Alps, Tasman Glacier is found alongside New Zealand’s highest mountains, Aoraki/Mt Cook and Mt Tasman.


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Tasman Glacier

The Southern Alps is the immense mountain range running the length of the South Island, dividing the island into its east and west coasts. Located in the Mackenzie Basin, Tasman Glacier is a terminal ice structure and the longest glacier in New Zealand. It contains nearly one-third of all glacier ice in New Zealand, making it one of the most significant formations in the country.

The Southern Alps were formed by tectonic plate movement pushing the mighty mountains. Balancing this movement is the work of the glaciers carving and gouging their way through the landscape. There is evidence of glaciers at work throughout this entire region.




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